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Commitments of Traders, strategies for tracking the markets and trading profitably!

Powerful commodity trading strategies and position management methods!

Since 1997, Floyd Upperman & Associates ("FUA") have been providing an exceptional online trading service for equities, forex & futures traders world-wide. FUA memberships provide traders with unique tools for tracking and analyzing market conditions. Members have access to unique Commitments of traders ("COT") studies and price indicators used to identify trading opportunities. Members also have access to Floyd's daily market reports, demonstrating FUA trading techniques and tools. Floyd uses statistical analysis to analyze data contained in the COT and disaggregated COT reports and he combines this information with unique price indicators, price patterns and seasonal studies. The custom navigation program ("CNP") also provides members with the ability to review past market conditions exactly as they appeared in the past.  This tool can help traders develop and improve their instinct.

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Floyd Upperman and Associates 

Floyd Upperman and Associates 
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Looking for Partners & Investors for a new project!

I am working on an advanced computer program called a "Neural Network ". The program will run on a powerful computer 24hrs a day. It will sample, collect and analyze data points in real-time to make timely market  predictions.   

Those interested in assisting and/or investing in this endeavor email


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Floyd has already done all the hard work!  You can become a member today and begin to benefit right away!  Floyd has spent years analyzing market data and has condensed all that he has learned into powerful trading tools and market tracking strategies.  Many successful futures traders believe Floyd has developed some of the best trading tools and software in the business. 


Workshop DVD video package!  Sign up for yearly membership and receive the workshop video package free! The workshop video package contains 20+ hours of Floyd's live workshop material from two of Floyd's best workshops ever! (Chicago in 2010 and Dana Point California in 2003)!   These DVD's are packed full of valuable information and data that can help you learn Floyd's trading techniques!


Floyd has been developing futures trading systems, strategies, price indicators, COT indicators and position management methods for more than 20 years! 


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All members have access to Floyd's disaggregated COT studies and the new traders in financial futures COT!   

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Access to our powerful charting software with predefined price indicators that do not change.  Consistency is critical. Our charting software incorporates unique features that help keep traders consistently focused on the right information! 

Membership includes access to our COT studies, CIT and disaggregated COT information with historic data!  Our data is updated daily with automated alerts that indicate potential trading opportunities! 

Daily CASH and FOREX charts too!

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  • Daily & intraday indicator updates
  • CFTC COT Charts & analysis
  • Deep historic COT analysis
  • Price pattern recognition
  • Automated plunger reports
  • Daily market reports by Floyd
  • Disaggregated COT charts
  • Traders in financial futures
  • In-depth trading manuals
  • In-depth video tutorials 
  • COT indicators with price analysis and much much more!

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Methods show how to make money trading commodities View Book Graphs & More

COT Trading indicators can help traders make money trading commodities FREE COT Charts Updated Weekly

Floyd Upperman and Associates helping traders learn how to make money trading Harness the Floyd Upperman Plunger

Floyd Upperman and Associates Providing assistance for those learning to trade futures Floyd's Money Show Webinar

Floyd Upperman and Associates Providing assistance for those learning to trade futures Disaggregated COT chart program

Commitments of traders expert! 

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This presentation contains insight into Floyd's trading methods!

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Floyd discusses CNP & PIE chart studies

Floyd Upperman is known around the world for his trading abilities and uncanny record of identifying important turning points in the markets.  He is also one of the most prominent experts in the U.S. government commitments of traders ("COT") report. 


Floyd's trading systems work with futures and options. His strategies go beyond what most retail traders focus on. His methods are not complicated, but they are complex and require time and work to fully appreciate.  


Here is what a veteran trader with 40+ years of experience recently said in an email to Floyd in regards to his service...

Thank you Floyd for quick response and the great work. I really admire your constantly improving this wonderful website - it is admirable of your dedication. As a life long trader of 40+ years these are the best tools I have ever seen or used. Keep up the great work.

John - Received in email on Tuesday, Dec 11, 2012 at 10:22 AM

Email from a trader who has also been a member for the last 10+ years. 
Floyd-- I have used your 50% plan with the dollar, and it has worked great--My account has doubled since implementing some of your principles--Thank You for the teaching and opportunity.

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Top Trading systems in futures, commodities including COT trading strategies

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Futures trading systems, powerful COT strategies and trading indicators
Analyst U.K.

Floyd's article on disaggregated COT report.

disaggregated COT article written by Floyd to Hedge Funds and Investment banking industry regarding modifications to the COT report.  Floyd discusses the improvements resulting in greater market transparency via the disaggregated COT report (article starts on Pg #24). 

commodity futures trading system Read Floyd's article on these important changes to the COT!

Commitments of Traders commodities trading book by Floyd Upperman

Floyd Upperman is the author of

"Commitments of Traders: Strategies for Tracking the Market and Trading Profitably"

Commitments of Traders will teach you why the trading activity of commercial institutions—as evidenced in the COT report—is so valuable in analyzing particular markets. And you will learn how to leverage the COT with technical and fundamental analysis. A priceless moneymaking tool, Commitments of Traders is essential reading for anyone trading in the lucrative futures market.

"Floyd has answered for many in this book a way to both understand and use the Commitments of Traders reports."  - Ira Epstein, Ira Epstein & Company futures

"If you are interested in capturing major market moves, this is a must-read book." - Larry Williams,


commodity futures trading system Stocks & Commodities publish review of Floyd's book!

Commitments of Traders book by Floyd Upperman | German translation

Commodity trading systems

cot trading software German BookReview

Stocks and Commodities Magazine with Floyd Upperman

Book Review: Commitments of Traders

Read what the experts are saying about Floyd Upperman's best selling "Commitments of Traders!"

commodity trading advisor Read the Review

Active Trader | Floyd Upperman Professional Trader article

Digging Into COT Data

It's not just a matter of hedgers vs. speculators. An engineer turned trader discusses ways to make sense of the futures Commitment of Traders repot.

futures trading advice Read the article

Stocks and Commodities Magazine with Floyd Upperman Commitments of Traders review

The Commitment of Traders Report Revealed

Floyd Upperman and his COT Report featured in Stocks and Commodities Magazine.

trading strategies Read the article

Financial Sense Newshour with Jim Puplaval and Floyd Upperman, active futures trader and COT expert. Interview with Floyd Upperman by

Financial Sense New Hour with Jim Puplava

cot report Listen to the Interview!

Traders Journal featuring Professional Futures Trader Floyd Upperman


Traders' Journal

Flcommitments of traders Read the Article

Traders Magazine | Commodities trader guru Floyd Upperman Interview

Trader's Magazine

Read the Article

Fltrading system English Version

swing trading German Version

Click here to view/listen to Floyd's 2008 Money Show Presentation

Floyd Upperman discussing commodity markets and trading opportunities


Tired of fiddling with cumbersome trading programs or charting software?  Tired of maintaining all the contract roll over's?  Floyd's software does it all and much more!  You get automated signals based on powerful price patterns and unique COT indicators! 


Floyd is a world renowned commodity trader and trading system developer.

Our CNP (Custom Navigation Program) lets traders TEST their trading skills in a very unique fashion!  There is no way to cheat using our CNP calendar "look back" feature! We have eliminated the temptation to cheat with "Scrolling charts"!  Our CNP takes real snap-shots of the markets on each day and provides a real history on a day-by-day basis dating back years!  Traders can test their skills going back to past periods and stepping through our daily and weekly price charts one day at a time!  Each day forward the charts update and the trader can see how well they did and how well our tools and strategies did anticipating the market movement! 


CBOT hosts Floyd Upperman Trading Webinar to teach trading strategies that make money

Floyd's commodities trading and futures trading strategies are based on many years of market observations and trading experience. He's been around and seen it all, from the crash of 1987 to the tech wreck at the end of the 1990's.  During this time he predicted the end of the commodities bear market and beginning of the next bull market.  He predicted a shift into commodities following the real estate collapse in 2008.  Between 1997 and 2004 Floyd turned wildly bullish on gold (under $400/oz) and recommended longer-term investments in both gold and silver at that time (note: silver was trading around $5 an ounce).  In 1998 he also wrote a special report where he predicted the end of the bear market in commodities and the beginning of the next commodities bull market (note: at the time of his report, crude oil was trading around $10 a barrel).

Floyd has spent years developing trading systems that combine data contained in the U.S. government commitments of traders (COT) reports with unique price studies. "Fancy charts and rows of monitors aren't going to do what a robust method can do for your trading", according to Floyd. "It all comes down to having a method that can provide an edge, having faith in the method, and the discipline to adhere to the rules."

Many people have benefited from attending Floyd's workshops or watching his DVD's.  If you would like to purchase Floyd's DVD workshop package, click here and select the DVD package on the bottom.  Keep in mind you receive the entire DVD package FREE by simply signing up for 1-year membership! 

Our Custom Navigation Program ("CNP") contains a "calendar look back feature" ("CLBF") which helps traders develop and improve their trading instinct, and as a result, produce more successful trading decisions (without relying on someone else to do it). The knowledge gained through personal observation using our CNP can greatly enhance a traders abilities in real trading situations by increasing confidence, which is essential to success when faced with difficult trading decisions. The CLBF is a unique and powerful tool that gives traders the ability to go back in time to specific dates in the past and walk through previous trading opportunities, stepping forward one day at a time. This gives traders the opportunity to review the specific behavior changes to the indicators price patterns leading up to and throughout previous trading opportunities.  

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Futures & options trading involves risk and may not be suitable for all types of investors. Trading is a risky business, and people do lose money trading futures contracts and options on futures. There are NO implied guarantees or promises of success made on this website anywhere. All futures trading is risky regardless of the methods, techniques and/or rules to manage and/or contain risk.  No trade is risk free and trading is not Floyd's only means of income.

Floyd makes no guarantees for success. Past performance is not a guarantee of future profits or future success. The markets are volatile and constantly changing. To survive in this business, one must learn to recognize risk, not to fear it.  Successful trading is simply exploiting risky opportunities. One must learn to recognize what it means to be in the right place at the right time, and have the courage to do something with this knowledge.

Floyd Upperman is a full time trader, investor, advisor and businessman. Floyd is recognized throughout the world by a growing audience of professionals for his work with the U.S. government Commitments of Traders (COT) reports.  Floyd has been a registered commodity trading advisor (NFA# 0281183) for the last 10+ years and is currently president of Floyd Upperman & Associates.

All market data on this website is provided "as is" for informational purposes and reference.  Floyd Upperman & Associates does not make any express or implied warranties of any kind regarding the data contained on this website. Floyd Upperman & Associates shall not be liable for any data errors or for any damages resulting from misinterpretation of data, errors in data and/or inaccurate data.   We do work very hard to ensure accuracy, but we do not guarantee it.

Our trading strategies and information is accessible by membership only. The membership areas provide access to our proprietary trading products. These products include our trading strategies, unique market indicators, trading tools, market graphs and charts, unique COT studies and charting programs.  All access to our trading tools must be authorized by Floyd Upperman & Associates. Access requires membership to our service. Any other access, by any other means, including theft of a username & password, as well as illegal access via "computer hacking" is prohibited and obviously not allowed.  We consider all such access and attempts to access to be the same as illegal breaking and entering our property.  A unique username and password is provided to each member.  This unique username and password protects our property while providing authorized access to members only.  No other access is permitted and no person, business or entity (e.g. robots) are authorized to access the members areas.  Any successful penetration will be considered "breaking and entering" and may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Final warning, if you are thinking of or attempting to access our website by illegal means (without an authorized username and password) we will record your activity and do everything in our power to identify and prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law (civil and/or criminal prosecution).  We will also seek to recover any and all damage done to our business, including damage to the secrecy of our intellectual property.

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